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Invest now, retire later – Why retirement property like “Retirement Cities” are in Australia’s future

Retirement may seem eons away but it is never too early to invest in your retirement plans.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle in your golden years by making a few wise decisions today.

Those decisions need to include suitable choices for retirement living. There has been much focus on retirement housing options in Australia recently with our maturing population said to be holding approximately 13 percent of the population figure. That puts 2.7 million Australians over the age of 65.

While traditionally the average Australian retiree had two choices in living arrangements – a retirement home or a frail care facility – depending on individual needs, a third idea, a ‘retirement city’, has been gaining quite a bit of attention in the industry and looks to be a highly favourable alternative. Encapsulating the concept of ‘community living’ retirement cities offer an attractive option for future retirees.

Whole community lifestyle focuses on greater social integration

The concept of a retirement city is designed around the idea of a community lifestyle with a diverse mix of facilities available that are not normally catered for in traditional retirement housing options. From childcare to shopping and dining to recreational parks the emphasis is placed strongly on social integration. Whereas retirement villages and frail care facilities often had people in their advanced years feeling isolated from larger society, this would no longer be the case in the new model.

This shift towards a more cohesive retirement housing model is spearheaded by the changing needs of Australia’s retirees. Our Baby Boomer generation want the option of staying in familiar environments where they can remain connected to the local community.

A retirement city investment offers:

  • Greater integrated environments to promote interaction between retirees and community.
  • Various housing options to choose from.
  • Resident conveniences including both cultural and lifestyle facilities as well as health and care amenities.

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