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Below are just some of the high-quality residential properties that we are currently investing in for our clients. This just highlights the areas, quality and types of investments that we are typically scouring the market for on behalf of our clients.

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We source properties for our clients right across Australia and across all dwelling types, including houses, townhouses and apartments. This allows us to help our clients to diversify their property investment portfolios across various states, as well as property types. We analyse markets across the country to identify the best investment opportunities and the most attractive options in those markets. Importantly, we also back our own judgement and invest personally in the properties that we recommend to our clients.

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What Our Clients Say

We can say anything we want about ourselves. But we think it means a whole lot more coming from our clients.

Happy Clients

I would highly recommend his services to anyone planning to invest in the property market down-under!

I met Doc 3 years ago and relied on his professional services to buy two investment properties (in 2014 and 2016).
Being an Australian citizen with Singaporean residency the whole property buying process looked quite complex to be done on my own. Doc put me in contact with expert and trustworthy individuals who helped me along each step of the process. I have been very pleased with the builder, the legal team and the property management agency he recommended. Getting a second investment unit with his help was a no-brainer. Doc is friendly, reliable and has a deep knowledge of the Australian property market and buying process.
Luca Melluso

We have subsequently become a great supporter of the business referring family and friends to Andrew over the last 2-3 years!

We were no different to your average Australian family our age, in that we had limited knowledge of what we were capable of doing and did not think we could afford to do anything.
Laura & Ian Patching

Andrew was able to show me how to create additional investments through loan structures of which I was unaware!

The service that Andrew and his team has provided meant that every aspect of the process was managed by them
Dr Heise