Investment Property Gold Coast

The Gold Coast continues to be one of the most appealing locations to live and visit in Australia and as a result, buying property on the Gold Coast is seeing significant interest for expats living in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and other areas.

The entire South East Queensland region has seen a large population influx since the beginning of 2020, in what was really a trend that has been happening for a number of years. Given that it is only an hour’s drive from Brisbane, property on the Gold Coast is appealing to both investors and owner-occupiers alike while its combination of great weather and amazing lifestyle make it a holiday location for many.

Investment Property Gold Coast

Most people associate the Gold Coast with the glitzy high-rise apartments situated along Surfers Paradise. While these might be appealing, history suggests these are not the types of properties you want to be purchasing as an investor.

While the region itself is highly appealing and is seeing strong population growth, it’s important that you invest in properties that have the potential for long-term capital growth.

A small boutique apartment development, aimed at the higher-end owner-occupier market is a far better investment than a large high rise with hundreds of units in it. By appealing to an owner-occupier, such as a downsizer or retiree, you are able to capitalise on what is clearly an in-demand location without sacrificing the quality of the actual investment property itself.

Generally speaking, large high-rise apartment buildings are not suited to owner-occupiers and are simply an investor product. These are common on the Gold Coast. When the time comes to sell these can be difficult to sell as they are not unique and you are only able to on-sell to other investors.

Similarly, there is a lot more to the Gold Coast than Surfers Paradise. The region runs through multiple beach-side locations such as Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach and Tweed Heads. All of which offer excellent investment opportunities for the Gold Coast.

Buying Property on the Gold Coast

Increasingly, we’re seeing evidence to suggest that the Gold Coast economy has diversified significantly and it is far less reliant on tourism than it was even a decade ago. However, as we’ve seen in the recent 18 months, locations such as the Gold Coast are becoming increasingly appealing to people wanting a combination of a sea change and affordability and that will clearly benefit the Gold Coast going forward.

In this week`s Q&A, we received a question from one of our viewers. They are wondering whether they should sell their apartment now to free up some borrowing capacity so they can buy a future home to rent out.

Let`s explore the different possibilities so that we can make well-informed decisions. However, it`s crucial to take taxes into consideration if you`re planning to sell either of these properties.

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In this week`s Q&A session, we`ll address a question from a viewer:

"Given the recent tightening, are mortgages accessible to Australians in Singapore?"

With the substantial increase in the official cash rate by the RBA, it is essential to explore the anticipated impacts on mortgage accessibility.

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In this week`s Q&A, we`ll answer a question from one of our viewers:

"What happens to the money we`re losing by keeping my investment property now that interest rates have increased?"

Let`s discuss how we can address this situation. If you have any specific questions or require more information based on your circumstances, please feel free to contact us for guidance.

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In this week`s Q&A, we received a question from a viewer interested in knowing more about their chances of getting a mortgage loan.

If you`re also wondering about the same thing, let`s explore ways to increase your borrowing serviceability.

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