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How To Manage Fixed Rate Loan Expiry? | Australian Expat Mortgage

In this week's Q&A, we will answer a question from one of our viewers. "How To Manage Fixed Rate Loan Expiry?"Let's look at how we can mitigate this...


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Should I Buy My Future Home Now? | Australian Real Estate

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This is an important insight into the work that may be being done in the background by regulators to manage the financial stability of the #Australian banking system and has ramifications for the #housing markets and the Australian economy in general.

Australian Prudential Regulation ...Authority chairman John Lonsdale told the AFR “We watch housing very, very closely, as it affects the banks we regulate and it is very important in the Australian economy”.

The important message that he passed on was that #APRA would be willing to act by reducing the quantum of the serviceability buffer that banks use to determine how much they will lend customers. Considering the pace and size of the increases in the Official Cash Rate by the #RBA that have occurred in the last year, this would seem like a prudent outlook to ensure that credit continues to flow in the face of more aggressive official rate rises to reduce inflation, and as hundreds of billions of dollars of fixed-rate mortgage revert to much higher variable rates.

Australia's major property markets may respond differently in 2023, considering that the Reserve Bank of Australia may now be nearing the top of the current rate cycle and the latest January numbers from #CoreLogic show that the rate of house price declines (-1%) was the smallest month-on-month decline since June last year. Every capital city posted a decline in dwelling values through the month, led by #Hobart (-1.7%) and #Brisbane (-1.4%), while the smallest drops were recorded in #Perth (-0.3%) and #Darwin (-0.1%).

The most noticeable easing in value falls was seen across the premium end of the housing market, where the country’s most expensive properties have led both the recent upswing as well as the current downturn. Across the combined capitals, the rolling quarterly rate of decline in the upper quartile values has improved from a recent low of -6.1% over the September 2022 quarter to -4.0% over the three months to January. CoreLogic noted “While this trend towards improving conditions across premium markets is not evident in all cities, it is most apparent in #Sydney’s detached house market. Quarterly declines in this market segment eased from -7.7% in the three months to August, to -3.9% in the three months to January. This pace of decline underscores that APRA does need to be mindful of the challenges faced by the banking system as the "fixed rate cliff" looms.

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APRA ready to step in should banks ‘choke off’ credit

In his first interview since becoming APRA boss, John Lonsdale said he was open to changing bank rules on home loans if the economy deteriorated, to...


#Australia is seeing a surge in international students and for the first time, applications from #Indian students far outnumber those from other countries, including #China. Student visa applications are up 40% on 2019 which was the biggest year before the COVID pandemic restrictions halted ...international travel.

While South Asian countries are most prominent, universities are reporting big increases in enrolments from countries such as #Singapore, #Hong_Kong, South #Korea, #Vietnam, #Indonesia, and #Thailand.

This should alleviate some of the staff shortages that many Australian businesses face, especially in the east coast capital cities which are attracting the largest numbers of overseas students. The flip side of this is that there will be ongoing pressure on the housing markets in these areas and continuing escalation in #rents, impacting services inflation over the next number of months.

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Students are flooding in and filling job shortages

Predictions that the international student market would take years to recover were wrong and 2023 is set to be the biggest on record.


Will the Reserve Bank of #Australia be among the first in the developed world to pause the tightening cycle?

The money market odds are currently 50-50 when the #RBA meets on Tuesday 7 February as to announcing a pause or a 25 bps increase in the Official Cash Rate to 3.35%. As we stated in... our last quarterly review in 2022, although property prices in Australia are falling in response to rising rates, housing #inflation is hot, with building costs, new dwelling purchases, and rents all climbing. #Housing is the biggest group in the #CPI basket at just over 22% and a key sub-sector the central bank will be watching is rents. Limited new property supply across most major cities has sent rents soaring, with the return of #immigration only compounding demand in the most populous cities.

The other sub-sector which is proving a challenge for the RBA is the "Recreation and Culture" group which captures the travel, accommodation, and dining out segments that are also running hot. Ask any Australian planning a #holiday overseas or Australian Expat traveling home to get a good feel for the exorbitant cost of airfares and holidays in general. In this instance, consumer spending and revenge travel may be the culprits that cause the RBA to continue with its monetary tightening agenda.

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Home Prices, Holiday Costs to Shape Australia’s Next Rate Move

Australian inflation data this week are set to be pivotal in deciding whether the nation’s policymakers are among the developed world’s first to...


Investing in property can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With the right strategy, you can make your dreams of financial freedom come true.
Learn how to develop a successful investment strategy that works for you.

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How Do I Develop My Property Investment Strategy? | Building An Investment Portfolio

In this week's Q&A, we will answer a question from one of our viewers."How Do I Develop My Property Investment Strategy?"Let's look at some examples...


There are some valid points of conjecture in this article in terms of how the #immigration numbers play out in the current 2022-2023 year, yet the important underlying trend is what we should focus on.

#Australian businesses have been telling the #government that a shortage of both skilled... and unskilled workers has been impairing their ability to grow and causing further inflationary pressures which have influenced the decision to increase the permanent migration cap by 35,000 to 195,000 for 2022-23.

There has been a significant increase in international students arriving in Australia and I think it would be reasonable to expect this trend to continue growing as #China has opened its borders plus the continued growth from #India and other parts of the globe.

In terms of Net Overseas Migration (NoM), we are also seeing an increase in Australians departing to become #expatriates and take up employment overseas, which will impact those statistics. I think the underlying trend indicates that the projections from the Australian Government Centre for Population may be too conservative and that we will see continued strength in overseas migration over the medium term. This will have an impact on housing demand, especially in the rental markets of the most populous areas such as the east coast capital regions.

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Immigration could surge to 300,000 in 2022-23

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said it was reasonable to expect migration to be higher given extreme labour shortages were creating strong pull factors.


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Do I Need To Update My Borrowing Capacity? | Australian Expat Mortgage

In this week's Q&A, we will answer a question from one of our viewers."Do I need to update my Borrowing Capacity?"With the rate hike in place, let's...


The latest data from the #Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the November trade surplus of $13.2 billion has exceeded economists' forecasts and extended the monthly trade windfalls since January 2018.

Continuing strength in exports of mineral and agricultural commodities is ...helping Australia's financial position with both its debt and deficit position among the best in the developed world.

There has been a rollercoaster ride for many exports as China imposed sanctions on coal and numerous soft commodities over the last two years, but new markets have opened up to exporters and now China seems to be winding back some of the measures imposed during the pandemic.

It will be particularly interesting to see how this plays out during 2023 as the Chinese economy opens up fully and increases support for important sectors of their economy, such as the property sector.

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Australia Extends Run of Trade Surpluses on Metals Exports

Australia is on track to record a fifth consecutive year of trade surpluses as November data showed ongoing strength in metals shipments, driven by...


The #Australian Government Centre for Population has just released its 2022 #Population Statement and it analyses the role of the different drivers of population change – overseas migration, natural increase, and internal migration, as well as the impact of the current age structure of the ...population.

The report states that preliminary estimates of migration in the December 2021 and March 2022 quarters show a sharp increase in migrant arrivals and little change in departures.

As a result, overseas migration is forecast to increase to a net inflow of 150,000 in 2021–22. It is then forecast to reach the pre-pandemic trend of 235,000 from 2022–23 and remain at that level thereafter The outlook for student arrivals in 2022–23 is also strong. Offshore student visa grants from January to October 2022 were higher than the corresponding period since the 2006 calendar year.

The significant increase in interstate migration to #Queensland during COVID is forecast to continue with #NSW and #Victoria seeing the largest outflows in the medium term. These states should see the largest levels of net overseas migration as we have seen over the past, which will see continued population growth drive demand for rental properties which are already experiencing undersupply constraints.

Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers said, “A healthy, growing population is vital when it comes to creating a stronger and more prosperous economy,” and the government would draw on this evidence to better align Australia’s #infrastructure planning, housing, and service delivery with its population projections.

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Everyone seems to be moving to Queensland (for now)

Australia’s two most populous states will play bridesmaids to Queensland on population growth for a few more years as the Sunshine states lures in...


In this week's Q&A, we will answer a question from one of our viewers.

"How does your Credit Score affect your loan application?"

Let's look at your credit score's impact on your loan application.

If you need clarification on your situation, ...please feel free to contact us!

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Credit Score Can Stop Loan Approval

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