Buying Property in Brisbane

Buying property in Brisbane continues to be a solid choice for expats living in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries seeking a combination of price growth and strong yields as well as owner-occupiers after value for money.

The Brisbane and entire South East Queensland region continues to see strong population growth, especially over the past 12 months on the back of many people choosing to move away from the larger cities.

With median house prices also around half as much as Sydney, buying property and investing real estate in Brisbane is an appealing proposition for all types of property buyers.

Investors Buying Property in Brisbane

One of the major appeals of the Brisbane property market is the combination of strong price growth, coupled with higher rental yields.

In places like Sydney and Melbourne, rental yields are at the lower end of the scale making it a more difficult place to invest. Many investors have shifted their focus north to the likes of Brisbane, which is seeing a surge in population and strong demand for housing.

Over the past 12 months, house prices in many suburbs of Brisbane have seen double-digit growth and there are now many large banks such as ANZ, Westpac and NAB calling for the same rate of growth for the next 12 months as well.

First Home Buyers

Buying a first home in Brisbane is also an appealing proposition for many given that house pieces are still relatively affordable, and  there are many employment opportunities available across Brisbane.

Over the past few years, there has been a clear push from young families moving to Brisbane and its surroundings based purely on lifestyle factors and housing affordability. This is very clear when you compare the cost of housing in Sydney to Brisbane.

First home buyers are also able to access a range of benefits from the state Government, including stamp duty waived on a purchase of property valued up to $550,000 for first home buyers as well as a $15,000 first home buyers grant, for a property valued at less than $750,000.

Buying off the Plan in Brisbane

Many people choose to buy off the plan in Brisbane, however, there are a few considerations when buying a property and investing real estate in this fashion.

While off the plan properties can be a great investment, it’s important to look to buy in well-established areas. The inner-middle ring suburbs of Brisbane or along the riverside suburbs are far more preferable than locations more than 25km from the CBD.

Similarly, smaller boutique developments in and around Brisbane offer some of the best opportunities and it’s recommended that investors and home buyers avoid larger high-rise developments in the CBD or new housing estates beyond the city limits.

In this week`s Q&A, we received a question from one of our viewers. They are wondering whether they should sell their apartment now to free up some borrowing capacity so they can buy a future home to rent out.

Let`s explore the different possibilities so that we can make well-informed decisions. However, it`s crucial to take taxes into consideration if you`re planning to sell either of these properties.

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With the substantial increase in the official cash rate by the RBA, it is essential to explore the anticipated impacts on mortgage accessibility.

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In this week`s Q&A, we`ll answer a question from one of our viewers:

"What happens to the money we`re losing by keeping my investment property now that interest rates have increased?"

Let`s discuss how we can address this situation. If you have any specific questions or require more information based on your circumstances, please feel free to contact us for guidance.

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If you`re also wondering about the same thing, let`s explore ways to increase your borrowing serviceability.

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