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A Newbies Guide To Navigating The Australian Property Investment Market And How To Invest With Confidence

It is common for new property investors to feel overwhelmed when thinking that property investment might be the way that they achieve their wealth creation goals. In order to invest with confidence you need to calm or control as best you can any fears you might have. This is more easily done with the right guidance and expert help of proficient experts with a wealth of experience in the Australian property market. Finding the right professional support in the initial stages of property investment is a critical element that will put you on the right track from your first step.

If you thought that the jumping off point would be to scour the web for the best available property deals in the Australian property market, then be prepared to be surprised. Your first responsibility in fact is to take stock of the health of your financial status. Once you know how much money you can borrow you can then devise a strategy to go about achieving your property investment goals. Good news from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) indicates a move forward for property investors with a 0.7 percent increase in the value of loans approved in October 2016.

Why leveraging the help of professional property experts ensures a greater chance of investment success

More often than not investment dreams fail because of insufficient investor knowledge. Not understanding the property market or knowing how to negotiate the best financial terms can spell disaster for new investors. Having the support of professional property investment consultants can be the game changing factor for your successful investment story.

  • Research need not be overwhelming

While it is true that being faced with numerous investment options can be stressful and overwhelming, experienced property consultants can point you in the right direction so that you don’t waste unnecessary time.

  • Identifying drivers of property growth

A rookie mistake is to overlook the factors that will drive property growth. Important factors here include: minimal maintenance requirements and a property that allows for positive cash flow.

  • Conduct a property stress test

A stress test is basically a cash flow estimation on the properties you are considering investing in. Take into consideration expected rental income as well as costs such as management fees and maintenance expenses.

The last thing you would want as a newbie to investment property is to lie awake at night second-guessing your decision making. You can minimize risks by being properly informed about what and where to invest in.

A professional property consultant will be able to guide you, step by step, throughout the process so that you remain confident about your property investment goals. At Wise Guru we have experienced property consultants expert in Australian property investment waiting to assist you. Give us a call today.

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