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Investing in Property for Your Retirement

If you’re an Australian expat living and working in Singapore, without mandatory superannuation contributions, it’s important that you have an alternative retirement strategy in place. Investing in property can be a highly profitable strategy. With property prices in Australia climbing by approximately 10% in 2015, it’s no surprise that many are using residential property to form part of their retirement plan.

For many expats, using the equity in your existing home that you may have leased can be an excellent first step. This can allow you to use excess ‘lazy’ equity to grow your asset base and increase your chances of retiring early. We are also seeing a growing number of people in Australia using their Self-Managed Super Funds to invest in property. A ‘buy-and-hold’ strategy for property investment is in fact how many successfully achieve their goals of retiring early.

The best areas to buy and the best dwelling types will depend on your own financial goals and your current property portfolio. Our team at Wise Guru can assist you to conduct a review of your existing investments and provide you with advice on the right property options to achieve your goals. It’s also important that you allow for the lack of liquidity when it comes to property investment and ensure that your retirement strategy is diversified and carefully planned. The key to a successful outcome is to wort with experienced advisers who have achieved what you’re looking to achieve.

To Your Property Investing Success!


Wise Guru is your expert adviser based here in Singapore for investment in Australian property. We work with expatriate clients to provide a complete, tailored concierge service for each of our clients from finding the right property based on your own situation, projecting and managing your cash flows, structuring and arranging your financing and working with a team of professional settlement agents and property managers to ensure your property is tenanted, saving you time and money.

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