House Prices To Continue Rising in 2021
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House Prices To Continue Rising in 2021

When COVID was beginning to unfold across Australia and the world in the early part of 2020, property experts and media pundits began to predict sharp falls in house prices. The Commonwealth Bank forecast a potential 32 per cent house price crash with the other major banks also believing we would see similar drops over…

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The Perfect Storm for Borrowers and Property Investors

It appears as though the Government and the RBA are pulling out all stops in a bid to get people to borrow, invest and spend money to stimulate the economy and create employment. The latest decision by the RBA to slash interest rates to a record low 0.1 per cent and embark on a range of QE…

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Aussie Expat Finance Workshop ~ Pick a Melbourne Cup Winner!

Small Things That Can Help Anyone In a Big Way! Some of the topics covered today included: – Structuring your #Mortgage to your advantage – Benefits of Negative Gearing for #Expats – How to position yourself for #CapitalGainsTax in the future – Navigating the difficult Bank lending environment – #Refinancing your mortgage using accumulated lazy…

Why should expats invest in Australian Property?
Australian Property Investment

Why should expats invest in Australian Property?

If you’re an expat and you plan on returning to Australia when you retire, or even before that, it makes sense to have a solid foot on the property ladder first. You may want to enjoy the climate and more laid-back lifestyle in your golden years, but if you’re planning on returning without working, then…