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Some Tips for Australian Expat

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Dr Andrew Unterweger runs informative Australian Investment Property & Finance Workshops covering a wide range of topics from where to invest this year, what types of properties to invest in, the Australian housing market, buying property in Australia as an Expat and financial structures including tax planning, first-home buyer grants and much, much more.

Aussie Expat Loan Application Process

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Is Australian Property In A Bubble?

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Can Australian House Prices Continue To Grow At The Rate We Saw In The March Quarter

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Average Customer Rating

We recently worked with doc on a complex Australian mortgage and refinancing. He and Ryan were fantastic in their service and support and expertise.
David V
Dr Unterweger is thoroughly professional responsive and knowledgeable about the Australian property market. He acts quickly and pragmatically and is very useful. Much appreciate his advice.
Alex G
Hong Kong
Andrew has been looking after my affairs for over 15 years and I have found him to be very professional and always approachable and available. Andrew has helped me through difficult periods including a health crisis and I an extremely grateful for his expert and attentive assistance. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrew’s financial and insurance services to others
James Gamvros

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